Masonry Contractor In West Hempstead Long Island

Jul - 25

Masonry Contractor In West Hempstead Long Island

Here are a few highlights from a Masonry Paver job in West Hempstead performed by GM Mason’s a few weeks ago. GM Masonry services installed the following new features for the West Hempstead homeowner.

In the front of the house GM Mason’s installed paver boarders in the driveway with concrete in the middle of the brick paver borders, concrete sidewalk and a concrete walkway leading into the backyard. In the backyard the installed a concrete patio where the new wooden deck with be covering to prevent weed and grass from growing under the deck.


They also did a perfect Paver Patio Installation In West Hempstead. The job took just four days from start to finish the project. When it comes to concrete patio installations, Paver Installation in West Hempstead anywhere on long GM Mason’s gets the job done on time and done right.

If you are looking for a masonry contractor in West Hempstead Long Island or elsewhere, give GM Masons a call or contact them using this form below. They install concrete and paver driveways, concrete and paver walkways and concrete and paver patios, new concrete foundations, stucco, concrete stoops, paver stoops, bluestone installation and much more…

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